“… the Bi-coastal Venice boys known as FAULKNER, a band you might’ve heard of.  Their smash anthem “REVOLUTIONARY” made some big waves back in 2015. Even the New York Yankees play ball to the RZA produced & featuring “NY Anthem”. A track that will make you wanna hop on a plane to the city that never sleeps, in hopes of taking it over.

It’s this ALT-Electronic-Rock-Pop-Rap fusion that defines the anthemic sound of FAULKNER. Think The Killers meets The Strokes while partying with Wu-Tang Clan in a dingy den. Just imagine the sounds bouncing off the wall. They are carrying the rebel flag proudly on their debut LP – ‘PARIAHS’. An album that combines the band’s early material with some fresh new ALT rock gems, like the catchy synth-pop standout –  “Hot Streak”. “




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An Outcast’s Overture- Review of FAULKNER’s New Album, PARIAHS

“Bi-Coastal genre-benders FAULKNER are back with a solid 10 track LP. The songs are great and all in their own way.
This is a band that specialize in really diverse music. You can hear multiple influences throughout this record; from Rancid to Elton John and everything in between.
There’s more than one catchy song that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head.
The instrumentation is one of the best things about PARIAHS. The band manage to utilize things like piano to it’s fullest potential without overtaking an entire song.
The engineering on this record is beautiful. Every track sounds immaculate, you can hear every facet of the music which makes this release all that much more impressive.”



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Faulkner Interview by Savage Media

“Boston: Thanks for spending some time with me guys! Before we start off, I just want to hear more about you guys. How do you describe your own band? How did you form? How did you get into music?

Dimitri: We met here in LA. Just through the LA music scene in 2013. We were all in different projects, but Luke just brought us all together. We started playing, starting writing. First song was “These Kids Nowadays”…felt awesome. We kept doing it, and here we are.
Lucas: The style of music we play is alternative with urban leaning. We’ve collaborating with Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA for releasing our debut album “PARIAHS” and this is our album release party, so it will be out tonight!

Boston: So why did you guys want to get a band started?

Lucas: It’s just chasing the sound that you have in your head. What’s interesting about FAULKNER is that we all are very different people, so everyone brings an element to the band that kind of holds everyone together, that makes a cohesive sound. So Eric produced the whole album as well, with collaborations from JP Bowersock from The Strokes, Mark Needham from The Killers, and RZA. Dimitri plays bass and arrangement, Christian is percussion and drums and arrangement, and [I’m] rhythm guitar, singer, songwriter.

Boston: Just to clarify again, what would you describe your style as?

Dimitri: It’s a weird clusterfuck between The Clash, Bowie and Dr. Dre, for what it’s worth. There are elements of all of that in the album.”





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FAULKNER, have released “PARIAHS”, their new album that will be considered a new foundation in music. FAULKNER have been lighting up the music scene with their unique sounds and stories that come alive in their music. Their single ‘Hot Streak’, when released was instantly admired as “An infectious three-minute slice of bright, spiky rock with a big hook and catchy melody, in the same vein as The Killers and MGMT.” 

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All Access Music Interview with Faulkner

“Let’s talk about your debut album that you will be releasing next month. What does it feel like to finally be putting it out soon? What was it like putting together “Pariahs”? Were there any unexpected challenges or surprises? How long did the whole process take you? What was it like working with your producers RZA, JP Bowersock and Mark Needham?
The album took a couple of years to finish. We can’t wait to release it. It was definitely a creative rollercoaster but every little detail ended up making sense even if it didn’t seem like it at certain times. All our producers are in their own way geniuses. RZA was just exceptional. He’s producing techniques include not just his vast musical knowledge but he’s able to incorporate math and philosophy into it. It’s a real treat to be able to experience it and benefit so much from it. Of course when he started freestyling in the studio for one of the verses he just blew us all away. J.P has mastered the art of choosing the best take. He has exceptional ears for studio performances and picking tones. He knew exactly when to push our limits and also when it was time to wrap it up. Mark is just one of those guys that has seen it and done it all with the best of them. He really knows how to elevate just about everything in the studio. He really knows how to break down a song to its bare bones and build it up to a masterpiece.”

An Interview With The Bi-Coastal Group, FAULKNER, On New Music, Working With Their Producers and More!

Huffington Post Faulkner Hits it with ESPN

Huffington Post

“While watching sports on ESPN, you might have noticed a catchy little tune promoting either the U.S. Open, Major League Baseball or the NFL. The song, “NY Anthem“ is not by Carrie Underwood or Faith Hill, but by a band new to the music scene called Faulkner.”


Spin on RZA & Faulkner’s “NY Anthem”


“His (RZA) latest single “NY Anthem,” a collaboration with rock band Faulkner, is a soaring ode to the concrete jungle, where “the lights light up the show.” (The song served as the theme for ESPN NFL’s mini-series Draft Academy.)”