Young Hollywood Artist Spotlight

Young Hollywood

‘Needless to say, after featuring the bi-coastal multi-genre band Faulkner as an Artist to Watch almost exactly a year ago, we were thrilled to hear that they would be releasing new music. It’s been a while and we are more than ready for it.The four-piece band, consisting of members Lucas Asher (vocals/guitar/Songwriter), Eric Scullin (vocals/multi-instrumentalist/Producer), Dimitri Farougias (bass), and Chris Hogan (drums), lives and works in Venice, California, has been shaking up the music industry since they debuted in 2013 and have still managed to maintain their distinct vibe. Since then, they have been working on incredible new music that is sure to please those who appreciate their form of alternative rock. The ultimate validation of Faulkner’s success came when they gained recognition from some of their biggest inspirations such as The Strokes, The Killers, and Wu-Tang Clan (who have contributed to their music since). It has a very lively vibe that is reminiscent of multiple stars of rock history’s past. The band has not shied away from recounting their struggles and make their emotions tangible in their music, which is refreshing in an industry where artists like to gloss over their real-life problems and sing about superficiality.’