“… the Bi-coastal Venice boys known as FAULKNER, a band you might’ve heard of.  Their smash anthem “REVOLUTIONARY” made some big waves back in 2015. Even the New York Yankees play ball to the RZA produced & featuring “NY Anthem”. A track that will make you wanna hop on a plane to the city that never sleeps, in hopes of taking it over.

It’s this ALT-Electronic-Rock-Pop-Rap fusion that defines the anthemic sound of FAULKNER. Think The Killers meets The Strokes while partying with Wu-Tang Clan in a dingy den. Just imagine the sounds bouncing off the wall. They are carrying the rebel flag proudly on their debut LP – ‘PARIAHS’. An album that combines the band’s early material with some fresh new ALT rock gems, like the catchy synth-pop standout –  “Hot Streak”. “




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