Q&A: Music in SF With Faulkner

“You’ve had some success with the song “NY Anthem.” How does it feel to have your song played at the New York Yankees home games, the US Open, NFL and more?

It’s an honor and makes us very proud to have the song being so well received. We’re very happy we’ve been able to reach such a big audience!

Being that you’re an L.A.band, what’s your take on the state of live music with all these clubs recently closing down (Keyclub, House of Blues etc.)?

It’s a bummer. Tough to see historic LA venues close down, but there are so many more great ones open now and many more to come. No shortage of spaces for musicians to perform in this town and that’s a good thing.

You’ve toured pretty extensively across the country. What’s the craziest road story you can share?

There was a couple in one of our Midwest shows this summer that decided to go full TMI on their sex life. It involved feces. We’re all trying to forget.

What’s one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?

We have a marine biologist in the band. We’ll let you guess who.”