Faulkner Interview by Savage Media

“Boston: Thanks for spending some time with me guys! Before we start off, I just want to hear more about you guys. How do you describe your own band? How did you form? How did you get into music?

Dimitri: We met here in LA. Just through the LA music scene in 2013. We were all in different projects, but Luke just brought us all together. We started playing, starting writing. First song was “These Kids Nowadays”…felt awesome. We kept doing it, and here we are.
Lucas: The style of music we play is alternative with urban leaning. We’ve collaborating with Wu-Tang Clan frontman RZA for releasing our debut album “PARIAHS” and this is our album release party, so it will be out tonight!

Boston: So why did you guys want to get a band started?

Lucas: It’s just chasing the sound that you have in your head. What’s interesting about FAULKNER is that we all are very different people, so everyone brings an element to the band that kind of holds everyone together, that makes a cohesive sound. So Eric produced the whole album as well, with collaborations from JP Bowersock from The Strokes, Mark Needham from The Killers, and RZA. Dimitri plays bass and arrangement, Christian is percussion and drums and arrangement, and [I’m] rhythm guitar, singer, songwriter.

Boston: Just to clarify again, what would you describe your style as?

Dimitri: It’s a weird clusterfuck between The Clash, Bowie and Dr. Dre, for what it’s worth. There are elements of all of that in the album.”





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