All Access Music Interview with Faulkner

“Let’s talk about your debut album that you will be releasing next month. What does it feel like to finally be putting it out soon? What was it like putting together “Pariahs”? Were there any unexpected challenges or surprises? How long did the whole process take you? What was it like working with your producers RZA, JP Bowersock and Mark Needham?
The album took a couple of years to finish. We can’t wait to release it. It was definitely a creative rollercoaster but every little detail ended up making sense even if it didn’t seem like it at certain times. All our producers are in their own way geniuses. RZA was just exceptional. He’s producing techniques include not just his vast musical knowledge but he’s able to incorporate math and philosophy into it. It’s a real treat to be able to experience it and benefit so much from it. Of course when he started freestyling in the studio for one of the verses he just blew us all away. J.P has mastered the art of choosing the best take. He has exceptional ears for studio performances and picking tones. He knew exactly when to push our limits and also when it was time to wrap it up. Mark is just one of those guys that has seen it and done it all with the best of them. He really knows how to elevate just about everything in the studio. He really knows how to break down a song to its bare bones and build it up to a masterpiece.”

An Interview With The Bi-Coastal Group, FAULKNER, On New Music, Working With Their Producers and More!